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Chewy Graham Cracker Blondie’s

Boom! The tastiest Blondie is coming your way and it is unlike anything you have ever tried before. Your experience will be enhanced because these Blondie’s are stuffed with Snickers bar and graham crackers which give them the taste you have always been looking for. Now there is no need to try any other Blondie recipe! I know this may be going over board but I just really want you to try these at home. If you can’t try them at home, at least I gave you another idea for your next birthday present. These are best enjoyed hot out of the oven with some ice cream to cool them off. Bet you can’t just eat one! Continue reading


Spring Is In With Delectable Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns…the next step to being The Male Baker. Although they do take quite some time to make, they were worth every second of my time. They give the house an aroma that no one can resist. Store bought cinnamon buns do not compare to these at all.

Growing up my mom always used to make cinnamon buns that Jon, Ben, Amanda (my three sibs) and I would just go nuts over. Continue reading

Carrot Explosion Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing

Auctions…gotta love em. Have you ever been to one? Well, The Male Baker has and man was it a hoot! I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t even go, only my Carrot Cake did. I was asked by my friend Amy to bake a fancy dessert that she could take to her 7 year olds school auction. Once I heard of the task at hand, I got right down to business. I started pondering what kind of cake to bake, what to put in it and how to add some unique touches. Carrot Explosion Cake was the final decision. Not only did I throw a few curve balls in this cake, I threw a major one for the topping. Candied carrot, pecan and coconut sprinkled all over the cake to dress it for success.

The way it worked was that every table made bids on what order they could pick their dessert. Not only did all the proceeds go to the school, but you got to eat dessert before everyone else. After the night was done, my cake got picked third overall by the twenty some tables there. Success!!! Continue reading

Gingerly All Spice Scones You Will Love

After a long time of pondering about scones, I decided to give them a whirl. It took me so long to bake a batch because I’d heard they were so complicated. I heard everything from “Oh scones take years to master,” to “it is so hard to get the right consistency,” to “scones take so much time.” I didn’t want to believe it, so instead of listening to those pessimistic downers, I took out some recipe books that I trusted the most and searched for a scone recipe that would be my first one as a baker. The Male Baker as a matter of fact! I saw a recipe in my trusted Baked book and I decided to use it as a base.

To give these scones my own flare, Continue reading

Quick and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

My quest has begun for concocting the best chocolate chip cookie. Most bakers go through this challenge once in their lifetime and it does take quite a while to find the perfect batter. My trick was to try out many different recipes and to use little touches that I enjoyed the most from each one . Now, after baking dozens of different kinds, I have found the first recipe that I would like to share with you. Although it may not be the last one that I show you, I can guarantee that these will be a hit!

This recipe follows Continue reading

7 Tips For Soft and Chewy Cookies

So first and foremost, I gotta let you in on one of my top 3 pet peeves. Crispy, hard and overbaked cookies!!!

To tell you the truth, this is one of the reasons why I began my baking extravaganza. A lot of the hobbies that I start in my life are primarily because I want to conquer a problem of mine in some way. For example, you may ask why I tried to become more like Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was in high school? Well, like many boys, I was born. And then 17 years later I realized that becoming like Arnold just made sense. I started pumping iron as a hobby with a goal in mind to become the next Mr. Olympia. Of course I chose the one goal that I was never going to attain, mainly because I prefer baked goods to steroids! So there ya have it. But back to my original reason for this post…:)

When I first began baking I had a goal of figuring out how to uncrispify my cookies and make them into delicious mounds of chewy. It took me many burnt cookies and frustrating nights before I slammed on the panic button and realized that I had just jumped into this whole baking thing without any knowledge. Major NO NO. A little background research and I was on my way to baking in a burnt free kitchen! Quick, join me in learning more about chewy cookies! Continue reading