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Rosemary Apricot Squares

Some desserts can fulfill you in just one bite and boy did these squares do the trick. When I took my first bite of these heavenly Rosemary Apricot Squares my body told me to stop while I was ahead so I wouldn’t get a stomach ache. But instead of listening to my stomach, I went for it all and had way too much! What a surprise right? The Male Baker always makes sure his baked goods are up to par. This recipe got its fair share of testing in the kitchen. I can guarantee that if you like fruit and crumble mixed together in one bite than you will really enjoy these Apricot Squares. Why not eat ten right?! Continue reading


Mom’s Olive Oil Orange Bundt Cake with Light Orange Glaze

The scent of vitamin C will fill the air in your home when you bake this Olive Oil Orange Bundt Cake. I think I got 200% of my daily vitamin C intake just from the fumes alone on this one! Aside from feeling a slight deficiency in certain vitamins in my diet, I had a semi-sweet-tooth calling yesterday when I woke up in the morning.  I also felt the sudden urge to bake a cake for my cousin who just had a baby girl and needed some baked goods to fill the void. And instead of trying to come up with a gift for a newborn, I concluded that a cake would suffice as my gift! When no other ideas are coming to mind for a baby gift and baking is all you got to offer than fly with it. No one will ever be upset about that! That is unless you burn your baked goods and everyone ends up having a really bad day. On the bright side, I have a new second-cousin named Lucy! Booya! Good work on this one Marty and Aleisha. Continue reading

The Baked Brownie

After a long summer work day outside, I decided that I needed to treat myself to some chocolate. What better way to do so than by concocting up some brownies that even Oprah gave props to on her website! The thing about these brownies is that you gotta watch them closely when they are about to be done. Like everything you bake, you should be in the kitchen and making sure that nothing gets burnt (remember my post about burning baked goods, #1 on the pet-peeve list!). So grab a book, get all comfy and don’t leave the kitchen until a toothpick comes out of these brownies with a few moist crumbs on it. I guarantee that you will feel much better about taking these over to a friends place to enjoy if they are baked for just the right amount of time. Much like I did a few nights ago to watch the Vancouver Canucks lose to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals! This loss also made the brownies taste much more delicious than usual! Continue reading

Fresh Lemon Coconut Bars

Is anyone familiar with pesky individuals who just don’t give up, the sort of individuals who have an idea and never forget about it? Well, this next recipe is dedicated to these individuals in my life, or should I say individual, who practically baked along side me with their baking ideas. Even though I would love to mention the rat who never gave up on having me bake these lemon coconut bars, I can’t go as low as name calling on The Male Baker Blog. The most you can do is guess who this pesky individual is and ask “it” how the bars turned out! Because the last thing I remember was that the pan was empty less than 24-hours later. Since this lemon coconut bar recipe turned out so well, I am urging you to bake these at your convenience. But if you do not want to bake them, be that pesky individual and annoy a friend of yours who does! You will not regret it, enjoy.

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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple Cream Cheese Filling


For all of you Whoopie Pie lovers, I have found the perfect combination! Just imagine some scrumptious maple cream cheese icing in between two succulent Whoopie’s. Now I have you drooling don’t I! So get right back on your horse and get baking so you can enjoy some decadent treats for yourself.

I baked these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary along with the Chocolate Nutella Cookies and found that they were just right together. Although very different from the Nutella Cookies, these Pumpkin Whoopie’s fit right in and they added to the celebration for my Grandparents. They were quite pleased on how I had managed to bring in the 61st year of their marriage with such mouth watering flavors, and believe it or not,  grandma almost lost her dentures when her jaw dropped at the sight of them! Luckily she was able to pull it together and have a bite or five of these delicious Whoopie Pies! I hope you enjoy these as much as my family did!
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Chocolate Nutella Hazelnut Cookies

Bet ya can't just throw back one!

Holy Moly, there is something about these cookies that just scream “Wooooo!”  Recently I attended a family gathering for my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and so I did some baking in their honor, The Male Baker style. Not only did people shout “woo” to congratulate my grandparents on their life together, but my cookies got many “woo’s” themselves. Everyone had to try a bite of these cookies both because they looked and tasted so good and because grandma would have frowned upon them if they didn’t. So take my advice and avoid getting frowned upon by my wonderful grandma and bake these cookies as soon as you have a craving. I can guarantee that the Nutella in these babies will have you wanting them into the wee hours of the night. They are a great sensation paired with some chilled milk at any time of the day!
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