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Cranberry Oatmeal Cornflake Cookies

For those of you who think a cookie needs chocolate to be enjoyable, think again. Take a bite into one of these healthy goods and it will make your heart flutter and your chocolate craving taste buds will be changed forever. After not being able to bake for over 50 days (yes, I had withdrawals!), I was given the opportunity to use a friend’s oven in Bangkok. Since finding an oven has proved to be difficult while traveling in South East Asia, I jumped at the opportunity. I got to bake three times in the span of a week, but to be honest, these cookies were the only ones that turned out. I definitely was feeling a bit rusty on my skills. I made a batch of pretzel chocolate cookies as well as some pumpkin muffins, but neither came out the way I would have liked, which explains why they haven’t and won’t make the blog. Only the best for you guys!

The story behind these cookies is even better than how they tasted. Continue reading