Important Announcement… I HAVE A NEW SITE!

Welcome Video! Check it out!

For all of you faithful followers, I have designed a new site that can be found at

I am SUPER EXCITED about launching this new site for all of you in order for your baking to improve drastically! There are new ways to connect with me, a whole new layout for your eyes to enjoy, and some extra interesting features so that you feel more inclined to bake!

Please extend this post to anyone you know that may be interested in following The Male Baker and anyone who either loves to bake new recipes or who may want to learn someday. Tell them about The Male Baker Facebook page, or to find The Male Baker on Pinterest. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance!!!

Just in case you are wondering, I have transferred all of you loyal subscribers to my new site already and will automatically be getting updates from


4 responses to “Important Announcement… I HAVE A NEW SITE!

  • Char Beck

    I appreciate the site, where is your wedding ring? 🙂 Hope you are LTD bro bro!! 🙂

  • Germainene

    Congratulations on the new site.. look forward to the new look.. I will have a good look at it soon, just laying back and soothing my allergies and trying to relax on this sunday evening – but I look forward at trying the white chocolate and cranberry cookie recipe – Im going to send you my favorite cookie recipe that I make here as soon as I can – again congrats on the site


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