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My name is Dave and I am The Male Baker. Come along for the ride to enjoy some amazing tips and recipes that will change your baking experience forever! My baking journey began over ten years ago and now it is by far my favorite hobby. Most people cannot believe that I, a hockey loving, soccer playing, male university graduate in business, would ever find enjoyment while conjuring up the best baking recipes! But I say to them, “I have to satisfy my insanely large sweet tooth somehow!” From barely seeing over the counter tops to see what my mother was mixing up, to now finding myself struggling because every counter is too short, I have a learned a thing or two about creating baked masterpieces. For one thing, there is nothing like making the house smell like a fresh batch of oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies or filling the house with an aroma of cranberry coconut crumble that no one can resist! So please join me in this new experiment and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do. So if you could all raise your spatulas with me for the rise of the Male Baker!

Yours truly,




18 responses to “About The Male Baker

  • Jeremy B

    Hey Dave!

    The site looks sweet. Question – can you give us some tips and tricks on the perfect Banana Bread??

    • TheMaleBaker

      Jeremy! Glad to have ya on my site. For great banana bread check out my banana muffin post. Use this recipe and just put it in a bread pan to get some really moist and flavorful bread. I added extra bananas to this recipe which gives it a much more full taste as compared to other banana breads. For a little extra touch, sprinkle mini semi-sweet chocolate chips on the top of the bread before you put it in the oven! For an 8-inch pan bake for 1 hour, for a 9-inch pan bake for 1 1/4 hours. Make sure a toothpick comes out clean before you take it out of the oven. Cool for 10 minutes in pan and 10 more on a cooling rack. Hope this helps!

  • Steve

    Happy to see that you set this up DB. Keep on measuring and mixing my man!

  • Christina Hart


  • Calgary 2.0

    You have baking issues, just joking, but seriously!

  • Miles

    This is sweet DB, I had no idea you were so into baking. It gets me stoked on baking actually.

  • Lindsay

    Hi Dave,
    I saw you posted your blog on facebook and because I love baking too I decided to subscribe to make sure I didn’t miss any of your recipes. I made the zebra cookies and they were super delicious as promised!
    I was wondering if you knew of a good recipe for pain au chocolat? I’ve been craving a good one since getting home from Quebec this summer! All the recipes I’ve seen use frozen puff pastry dough and to me that’s cheating. Please let me know if you have a recipe for that or even just for puff pastry and I’ll take that and make my own pain au chocolat.
    Thanks! and keep baking awesome new recipes for me to try!
    Lindsay Andres

  • Emily

    Hello Dave,
    I’m a Casting Producer for a new CBS Baking Show and we are seeking dynamic bakers that want to test their baking skills and we would also like to showcase some amazing male bakers! I saw your blog and your creations look amazing. We would love for you to apply to the show, so please give me a ring at the. We would also be so grateful if you could help us spread the word, be to friends, through facebook, email blasting, or twitter. This is a super fun new show for all different types of non-professional bakers and we need a lot of great people! Anyone interested can apply directly at the site below. I attached a flyer with all the details and I’d be happy to mail you a hardcopies of the flyer for passing around. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.
    Thanks again,
    Emily Eldridge
    Casting Producer – Casting Duo
    Office: (323) 790-8057

  • eetvcasting@gmail.com

    Your blog is amazing! But this is a U.S. based show. Are you a Canadian resident? I noticed that your area code wasn’t from here. This show is based on a popular show in the UK and hopefully we will be in Canada next, so lets keep in touch!! If you would post our flyer on facebook or twitter I’d be super grateful. It would be great to get some male bakers 😉 eetvcasting@gmail.com.

  • Germaine

    Just found your site, my daughter told me about your recipes, and your blog..they made your brownies in cooking class today, it seems one of her best friends is a family relative of yours, so I checked out your recipes and joined up and I look forward in trying out some oh your treats found here

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