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Whole Wheat Flour vs. White Flour


White Flour OR Whole Wheat Flour???

If you are thinking about changing your diet, and you want to notice some big changes, I suggest you look closer at the flours that you use in your everyday baked goods. One day, while in the kitchen, I asked myself “what if I started using whole wheat flour in some of my recipes?” In an attempt to make my recipes healthier this year, I have had to start substituting certain ingredients to make them friendlier to the health conscious consumer. As I was thinking about how this would affect my baked goods, I ended doing some research into the real differences between enriched white flour and whole wheat flour. The research was eye opening. Some of the following information may effect how you bake from now on, so read carefully! Continue reading


Turtle Bars

In the middle of December my stomach growls for baked goods. This time of year always reminds me of the loads of treats that my mom bakes for Christmas. Some of my favorite treats include snail rolls, cheese buns, cinnamon buns with loads of icing, and candied bark. Every year at this time, my ticking stomach time bomb goes off and immediately wants to discretely tell my mom to get baking! This year, I decided to take action and try something new. These turtle bars will definitely be on the list of favorites for years to come.

I found this recipe on the Real Simple website (Real Simple)and it had some great reviews. However, some of the other recipes I was looking at didn’t have a peep of positiveness from its users. My favourite reviews are the ones where people say “I will NEVER make this one again!” They clearly were not living the dream when they were baking. Here on The Male Baker, I am always living the dream so believe me about the quality of baked good’s on here. Try em out! You may even surprise yourself. Continue reading

Rosemary Apricot Squares

Some desserts can fulfill you in just one bite and boy did these squares do the trick. When I took my first bite of these heavenly Rosemary Apricot Squares my body told me to stop while I was ahead so I wouldn’t get a stomach ache. But instead of listening to my stomach, I went for it all and had way too much! What a surprise right? The Male Baker always makes sure his baked goods are up to par. This recipe got its fair share of testing in the kitchen. I can guarantee that if you like fruit and crumble mixed together in one bite than you will really enjoy these Apricot Squares. Why not eat ten right?! Continue reading

Fresh Lemon Coconut Bars

Is anyone familiar with pesky individuals who just don’t give up, the sort of individuals who have an idea and never forget about it? Well, this next recipe is dedicated to these individuals in my life, or should I say individual, who practically baked along side me with their baking ideas. Even though I would love to mention the rat who never gave up on having me bake these lemon coconut bars, I can’t go as low as name calling on The Male Baker Blog. The most you can do is guess who this pesky individual is and ask “it” how the bars turned out! Because the last thing I remember was that the pan was empty less than 24-hours later. Since this lemon coconut bar recipe turned out so well, I am urging you to bake these at your convenience. But if you do not want to bake them, be that pesky individual and annoy a friend of yours who does! You will not regret it, enjoy.

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Sour Cream Chocolate Oatmeal Walnut Banana Bars

These Sour Cream Banana Bars have some hidden tricks to them that you will want to know about. Before you bake these, make sure you note that there are a lot of bananas and flaxseed in this recipe. The reason I chose these ingredients is because they cancel each other out like none other. I know, I am baking at the same time I am thinking about staying regular! I want you to be regular and to not be constipated the next time you eat banana filled bars. The bananas will most likely try to bung you up meanwhile the flaxseed will counteract any of the bananas effects on you. The result is a perfectly well balanced treat. Now go ahead and try these bars and tell me what you think of this idea. I can speak first hand that these banana bars kept my household nice and regular!

PS: Overdo the flaxseed if you want to play a nice practical joke on someone!

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