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Peanut Butter Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips


Dirty old bananas, 100% pure peanut butter, and chocolate chips are three of my favourite things. This is especially true when I can use all three in the same recipe to concoct a moist, delicious, and tasty peanut butter banana bread with mini chocolate chips on top! If you are thinking that dirty old bananas don’t sound very appealing, than you are thinking exactly what I was just thinking! How could something that looks so disgusting, so slippery (for all those folks who still think banana peels make you slip :)), and unappealing be SOO GOOD in banana bread, banana bars, or even banana muffins?  Continue reading


Whole Wheat Flour vs. White Flour


White Flour OR Whole Wheat Flour???

If you are thinking about changing your diet, and you want to notice some big changes, I suggest you look closer at the flours that you use in your everyday baked goods. One day, while in the kitchen, I asked myself “what if I started using whole wheat flour in some of my recipes?” In an attempt to make my recipes healthier this year, I have had to start substituting certain ingredients to make them friendlier to the health conscious consumer. As I was thinking about how this would affect my baked goods, I ended doing some research into the real differences between enriched white flour and whole wheat flour. The research was eye opening. Some of the following information may effect how you bake from now on, so read carefully! Continue reading

The Mr.Regular Muffin (High energy! Low calories!)

Constipated? Having problems getting your bowels moving on a regular basis? Well, you have come to the right baking site! I am going to show you today how it’s possible to overcome your toilet fear and how you can become someone who goes at least once a day. The Mr.Regular muffin is an all new creation that is both Continue reading

Heart Warming Apple Pie Muffins

Hey! I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing summer with as many barbecues and baked goods as possible. As you may have noticed over the last few months, I have had a hard time sneaking in my love for baking a midst all the summer activities going on in Calgary and area. All the work that I have been doing has also really taken a bite out of the time that I normally have to just hang out in the kitchen and bake delicious treats for all your eyes to eat up! Hopefully as the fall season comes into play in the coming months, I will be able to concoct up some tantalizing recipes, recipes that you will have a hard time resisting when the leaves start to hit the ol’ ground.  Continue reading

Nordic Ware Hungry Animal Cakelets

These Nordic Ware Hungry Animal Cakelets don’t just look sweet, they taste great too! You will be amazed at how much these jungle treats look like real animals. Any teenager, adult, or elder who wants to be a child again will definitely go nuts for one of these! After my sister took her first bite she said it reminded her of a triple decker pancake meal, which was her favourite growing up as a kid!

The ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon add quite a bit of personality to these cakelets that make you fall in love with them. You could also add a bit of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup to really out do yourself. For all you bakers out there that are wondering where I got this Nordic Ware Animal Baking Pan, I actually got it as a gift from my parents. I gotta say that they hit it right on the nail with this baking pan because I just love it! My mom said that she picked it up at Safeway near St. Albert, Alberta, Canada but that probably doesn’t mean anything to you! Bad news is that she hasn’t seen another one of these Nordic Ware Animal pans in any other Safeway since then, so good luck finding one of these beauties! Happy Baking!

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins With Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl

The Mona Lisa of muffins

I think about these muffins all the time! Ever since I made these  I can’t help myself but to drool over the thought of eating another one. When I first made this recipe in cake form I taunted you by saying all the amazing things about it. For starters, I was not fibbing when I told you that this cake is easy peezy to make. Although these Coffee Cake muffins do take a little bit longer to put together since you have to layer each one individually, it is soo worth it! You can do it…I promise. And you can be sure that when The Male Baker makes a promise, it is legit.

Now if you don’t have the time to bake these muffins, it is definitely a shame. The least you can do is email this recipe to your mom or grandma and tell them to bake it for your birthday. If this is your only shot than I strongly suggest you make a wise decision. You can thank me later for this suggestion.

To view this recipe, go to my post about the Triple Layered Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake. This muffin recipe is the exact same except for the baking time.

Makes 24 muffs for your next breakfast party

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