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Rosemary Apricot Squares

Some desserts can fulfill you in just one bite and boy did these squares do the trick. When I took my first bite of these heavenly Rosemary Apricot Squares my body told me to stop while I was ahead so I wouldn’t get a stomach ache. But instead of listening to my stomach, I went for it all and had way too much! What a surprise right? The Male Baker always makes sure his baked goods are up to par. This recipe got its fair share of testing in the kitchen. I can guarantee that if you like fruit and crumble mixed together in one bite than you will really enjoy these Apricot Squares. Why not eat ten right?! Continue reading


Fresh Lemon Coconut Bars

Is anyone familiar with pesky individuals who just don’t give up, the sort of individuals who have an idea and never forget about it? Well, this next recipe is dedicated to these individuals in my life, or should I say individual, who practically baked along side me with their baking ideas. Even though I would love to mention the rat who never gave up on having me bake these lemon coconut bars, I can’t go as low as name calling on The Male Baker Blog. The most you can do is guess who this pesky individual is and ask “it” how the bars turned out! Because the last thing I remember was that the pan was empty less than 24-hours later. Since this lemon coconut bar recipe turned out so well, I am urging you to bake these at your convenience. But if you do not want to bake them, be that pesky individual and annoy a friend of yours who does! You will not regret it, enjoy.

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Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake Brownie Squares


Here is a little taste from heaven. Not only do these brownies have the perfect mixture of cheesecake and brownie but there is a little hint of espresso in them! I found this recipe in a Canadian Living magazine a long time ago and I had to make them. It isn’t often that I see a recipe from a magazine, photocopy it and then bake it immediately. On a scale of 1 to sporadic baking, these are definitely on it! When I first started to bake I really had to find baked goods that stuck out amidst the avalanche of recipes in magazines, on the internet and from other people’s recommendations. Everyone loved them a lot so I put these cheesecake brownies on my hot list of recipes. These are enjoyed best with some tea or coffee and some ice cream.

Makes 16 brownie heaven squares Continue reading

Lemon Cranberry Coconut Crumble

This crumble comes to mind when I think of Seattle. The first time I made this, it was for a group of friends in Seattle and it got devoured quite quickly. I was a little worried about how the fruit would mingle with all the coconut, but after I tasted it, I realized that the coconut is its best feature! Most of the crumbles that I have baked include slicing and dicing any fruit that is in the kitchen and making a simple oatmeal topping to drizzle over the fruit. But this recipe has a delicious bottom layer to it that gives it a good crunch when you bite into it. Although I have many other great memories of Seattle, Continue reading