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Simple Snickerdoodles


“S” for Snickerdoodle!

Simple, yet delicious. Delicious, yet really, really easy to bake. Really, really easy to bake, yet scrumptious and gift give-able. You get the point. Simple snickerdoodles are a treat that have lasted the test of time and for many obvious and delicious reasons. Continue reading


Spring Is In With Delectable Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns…the next step to being The Male Baker. Although they do take quite some time to make, they were worth every second of my time. They give the house an aroma that no one can resist.┬áStore bought cinnamon buns do not compare to these at all.

Growing up my mom always used to make cinnamon buns that Jon, Ben, Amanda (my three sibs) and I would just go nuts over. Continue reading