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Heart Warming Apple Pie Muffins

Hey! I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing summer with as many barbecues and baked goods as possible. As you may have noticed over the last few months, I have had a hard time sneaking in my love for baking a midst all the summer activities going on in Calgary and area. All the work that I have been doing has also really taken a bite out of the time that I normally have to just hang out in the kitchen and bake delicious treats for all your eyes to eat up! Hopefully as the fall season comes into play in the coming months, I will be able to concoct up some tantalizing recipes, recipes that you will have a hard time resisting when the leaves start to hit the ol’ ground.  Continue reading


Quick and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

My quest has begun for concocting the best chocolate chip cookie. Most bakers go through this challenge once in their lifetime and it does take quite a while to find the perfect batter. My trick was to try out many different recipes and to use little touches that I enjoyed the most from each one . Now, after baking dozens of different kinds, I have found the first recipe that I would like to share with you. Although it may not be the last one that I show you, I can guarantee that these will be a hit!

This recipe follows Continue reading

Mouth Watering Crunchy Cornflake M&M Cookies

I know the name of these cookies is a mouth full but I just couldn’t help myself. My mouth is seriously watering right now just thinking of my creation that is still up for grabs upstairs. Sometimes when I bake, I end up eating the entire batch and not feeling bad at all. This is one of those recipes! If you read my previous post for Zebra Cookies than you will understand my rule. It just doesn’t make sense for me to ever recommend anyone else a recipe of mine if I do not want fifths myself. I guess that is a very important reason why I have been doing so much exercise lately. From completing my first two kick-boxing classes, to playing basketball for the first time in months (GoBooya!), to filling up the win column with my soccer team and of course jogging in the rain, I have been able to stay in shape. Just joking but seriously!

The MnM’s in these cookies were used primarily because I have a Costco sized bag of them in the pantry. So I figured why not just throw them in. Warning:

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Snickerdoodles with a Chocolate Kick

The votes are in from the poll…so here is more chocolate! If you did not vote, keep your eye on the right side of the blog to do so in the future.

You are going to love these irresistible treats! I have added a little chocolate kick to these Snickerdoodles and it just might be the kick they needed. But since plain Snickerdoodles are classics, I have not tampered with the recipe by taking out any of the key ingredients. All I did was Continue reading

Simple and Delicious Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Normally I don’t bake anything without chocolate, but these cookies were for a very special occasion. A friend of mine asked me to bake some cookies for her kid’s grade one class for some Valentine’s Day treats and gave me strict regulations to not have any chocolate in them. All she wanted were some oatmeal raisin cookies that were healthier for the kids since it was for their morning snack. So here is a simple and easy oatmeal raisin cookie recipe that you can enjoy without chocolate. But if you are like me, and love chocolate, don’t be shy to add a few chocolate chips to the recipe!

Makes 36 cookies

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